LeBron James charging foul in front of Stan Van Gundy leads to terrible flop attempt

A couple of decades ago it was Michael Jordan who received criticism from a Van Gundy. That was Jeff Van Gundy, who coached the New York Knicks at the time, and the result was a 51 point performance from His Airness. Now, nearly two full decades later, it was older brother Stan Van Gundy‘s turn to go after the generation’s best basketball player, LeBron James.

The result wasn’t quite as impressive as Jordan’s, but Bron-Bron did drop 27 points while grabbing six boards and dishing out three assists. However, it was the aforementioned criticism via SVG over LeBron getting away with charging violations that led to an awkward sequence midway through the third quarter.

The play started with James driving hard to the hoop with Marcus Morris rotating over just in time to draw the charging call. Now, usually this whistle would be called a blocking call — especially at home and with the defender’s feet moving, but this time it was called a charge right in front of Van Gundy and the Pistons bench. What resulted was an awkward attempt of LeBron trying to draw some kind of foul after the play as he jerked his head back like he was punched. Apparently it didn’t hurt much because James looked stunned and confused as he started to head back down to play defense.

It’s time to give up the flopping, ‘Bron.