SHOT FIRED: Westbrook and Durant bash and curse out Mavs players on live TV

The Dallas Mavericks nearly suffered a heartbreaking loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 2 of their Western Conference best-of-five first round matchup. Thunder big man Steven Adams putback was late by a few tenths of a second — which was originally called good on the court before review overturned the call. However, despite the last second dramatics that took place on the court, it was actually what took place before the game and after the game that will have everyone talking.

Before the start of the game, Russell Westbrook and teammate Cameron Payne were in the middle of their pregame dance before a couple of Mavericks players interrupted their routine. While it got a little chippy, that seemed to be the end of the story…

That was until a reporter asked Westbrook and teammate Kevin Durant if this was the Mavs sending OKC a message during the post-game presser.

“Fake S–t” with Westbrook echoing the statement while adding “It was for the guys who don’t play, they got to do something.”