Vinsanity was nearly shook into retirement home by Kawhi Leonard!

There isn’t much worse than seeing a great player from the past end his sports career a shell of his former self — as basketball fans witnessed this past year with Kobe Bryant. But unlike the Black Mamba, former NBA all-star, Vince Carter, is actually playing in the postseason despite spending the majority of the season as an end of the rotation player.

Thanks to a plethora of injuries the Memphis Grizzlies have endured throughout this year, Vinsanity has seen his playing time more than double from the start of the season. And this isn’t necessarily a good thing for the 39 year-old despite playing relatively well for pushing 40 — which is more like 60 in basketball years.

Why isn’t this a good thing you ask? Well, for starters, Carter has plenty of miles on his basketball odometer and that isn’t a good thing when you’re playing a position that features not just the most athletic players in the Association, but quite possibly all of sports. Thus you have to guard players like Kawhi Leonard.

And that can never be a good thing.