Draymond Green blasts Russell Westbrook following “groin kick” comments

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To say things are starting to get testy in the Oklahoma City Thunder series against the favored Golden State Warriors would be an understatement. This Western Conference Finals is evoking memories of previous NBA eras where teams hated each other — which is a far cry from what many people associate the NBA with today.

Which brings us to Draymond Green and Russell Westbrook — two of the most emotional and throwback dudes we have in the NBA today. After an epic first game of the series, the Dubs and Thunder exchanged blowouts in Games 2 and 3. However, despite the blowouts, Green had two incidents that involded a blow to Thunder big man Steven Adam’s groin section. And the OKC players weren’t buying this as an accident after Green shot off the leg kick heard ’round the world for a second consecutive game.

Following the game Westbrook made the statement that he believed Green did this on purpose. Well, Green didn’t agree with Mr. Westbrook’s comments, and instead, offered up his own theory.

Does Russell Westbrook flop? I’m sure nearly every superstar adds a little acting so that they can get a call. Westbrook has received a warning from the NBA in regards to flopping, but I’m not sure where this comes into play in comparison to his situation. Is Green admitting he flopped for a call, and thus, kicked his leg up?

It happended twice, bro.

Oh, and in back-to-back games. Hard to defend yourself when the common theme has been a blow to the nuts to the same player. But for what it’s worth, Draymond said the official agreed that it wasn’t intentional.

Stay tuned…