Steve Kerr’s response to blown call should trigger a change with NBA

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You gotta love the NBA. The fellas running the Association will personally admit publicly to blown calls, but the moment any player, coach or owner does so, look out! And, not to mention, what good does this do admitting after the fact that one of your own officials blew a call — that usually results in one team winning due to an egregious error made. It makes things worse!

NBA officials have had a bad postseason so far with exciting games ending with controversy because of calls not being made. This was only heightened by last night’s missed travel call on Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook. What’s worse is that this happened right in front of Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr — oh, and with the official being right on top of the play. Ouch.

Kerr’s response to the botched call was pretty classy considering it changed the entire complexion of the game. The response is spot on and the NBA has to realize that nothing good comes out of exposing their referees even more by saying they blew a huge call.

Kerr my have a different point of view if the series ends with OKC advancing to the NBA Finals. We’ll have to see if Game 1 will come back to bite the Dubs later on in the series.