Kevin Durant’s Agent drops hint on the Celtics being named in 24-36 hours

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Another day, another Kevin Durant rumor. Yesterday, it was the Los Angeles Clippers, who apparently impressed Durant to the point where NBA insiders openly questioned the chances of the former MVP taking his talents to La La Land. And today, the team of choice is the Boston Celtics.

But this time, there might be a little more to this rumor.

See, Kevin Durant’s agent, Rich Kleiman, was pushing for newly signed Celtic, Al Horford, to join the Oklahoma City Thunder. Well, that didn’t happen and now might be a legit hint in why KD might choose Boston over the plethora of other teams that have been given a chance to land the smooth, scoring forward.


Kevin Durant has told the clubs he is meeting with in the Hamptons that his free-agency decision will be made within the next 24-36 hours, according to league sources.

Boston, which met with Durant on Saturday evening, may have boosted its chances of landing him by reaching an agreement with free-agent forward Al Horford on Saturday. Rich Kleiman, Durant’s agent, had been recruiting Horford to join Oklahoma City, according to a source.

One person with knowledge of the situation said the Celtics’ addition of Horford could play a part in Durant’s decision, but it will not be an overriding factor.

The way general manager Danny Ainge has pursued Durant, it seems like this might have played a role in signing Horford. It’s no secret the C’s lack firepower from their frontcourt — with all due respect to Kelly Olynyk, Jared Sullinger and Amir Johnson. That collection of bigs just aren’t on the same level as Al Horford.

Coach Brad Stevens, along with a collection of young and talented, defensive-minded players, the addition of Horford brings the Celtics one step closer to potentially dethroning the Cleveland Cavaliers of their strong hold in the Eastern Conference.

Kevin Durant in green could mean Cleveland’s title defense could end before reaching the NBA Finals…