Kevin Durant “Blown Away” after four-hour meeting with surprising team

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At some point, basketball fans will finally get the answer on where Kevin Durant will land up — at least for next season if the former MVP opts for a one-year deal. Until then, however, rumors will continue to flood the headlines on where he could land up.

The consensus among the NBA inner circles is that KD decision on where he will sign is “90 percent made.” And while that seems hard to believe — considering the recruiting tour KD is currently on would be wasting everyone’s time — a dark horse team may have emerged that would signal a contradiction to this statement.


Kevin Durant and the Los Angeles Clippers met for approximately four hours Friday night in the Hamptons, and sources close to the situation say Durant was “blown away” by the Clippers’ presentation.

According to a source, Durant was incredibly impressed by the vision and direction of the Clippers and made a strong connection with those at the meeting.

Chris Paul did not make it to the meeting but spoke to Durant beforehand and made his pitch over the phone; the two have talked throughout the process, including last week, sources told ESPN.

Unfortunately, with all of the rumors and “sources” being thrown around, it’s hard to believe anything you hear until it’s confirmed by the player or player’s agent. In addition, ESPN’s Chris Broussard doesn’t exactly have a spotless record when it comes to these type of things — or any of the ESPN “insiders” in general. Just check Stephen A. Smith‘s checkered past at reporting NBA player movement.

However, if this report has any inkling of truth behind it, you would have to like the Los Angeles Clippers chances of finally breaking through to an NBA Finals — assuming Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan stay healthy.

Then again, last time I checked, the Clippers still play in the same conference as the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs…