Kevin Durant left because of frustration over Russell Westbrook

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The exact reason for Kevin Durant leaving Oklahoma City might be revealed via a book or interview someday, but if you look closely between the lines, you can pretty much find out that reason right now. It’s pretty clear that KD’s relationship with teammate Russell Westbrook hit a snag somewhere. Which seemed inevitable to most observers of the game.

While Durant isn’t going to literally come out and say he left because of Westbrook, you can kind of get a hint of his frustration through some of the quotes that have come out since his decision to leave for Golden State. Whether it was cryptic quotes made about him being around extremely selfish players in regards to the humbling meetings he had with the Warriors, or just reinforcing the notion that the Dubs don’t have selfish players on the roster, you can clearly see the frustration KD had with his previous regime and teammates.

And the most damning suggestion that Durant left OKC because of Westbrook came via a “person with insight in the Durant process” who claims KD was frustrated with offense under Westbrook. According to the source via Bleacher Report, this paved the way for Durant to leave the only city he’s ever played for.

Much has transpired in that month-and-a-half span: Westbrook and Nick Collison sat down alone to talk with Durant. The Thunder met with Durant twice. Four franchises pitched Durant in the Hamptons. A “person with insight into Durant’s thought process” told Bleacher Report that Durant’s exit was paved by frustration with the Thunder offense under Westbrook. On a promotional tour in China, Durant said he and Westbrook’s relationship “won’t ever be the same.”

However, if there is any good news to take away from today it would be that Westbrook told campers that he would be back in OKC for training camp this fall.

Multiple witness accounts from Westbrook’s OKC camp had the Thunder star being asked by campers if he’ll be back at the camp in 2017, to which Westbrook said yes. Other than that subject-to-change answer to his young fans, it’s been quiet in regard to his future.

Other than that, it’s been a doom and gloom month of July for the OKC faithful.