Kevin Durant decision between 2 teams will be made Monday — Untimely Old Tweet Resurfaces For KD

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 12.25.34 AM

After more than a year of nonstop rumors of where Kevin Durant will land up in the summer of 2016, it appears that tomorrow we’ll finally have our answer — which might only be a short-term answer if KD decides to sign for one-year with OKC.

And as expected, the two teams that KD will decide on are down to the Oklahoma City Thunder and Golden State Warriors.

However, if KD were to choose the Warriors, you can expect a lot of backlash to occur because of a tweet that Durant sent out several years back when the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers were collecting superstar players.

It’s hard to hold someone to a tweet that was made six years prior, but it wouldn’t be a great look for someone who also made it known that he is not a frontrunner.

If KD sticks with OKC and wins a championship — which they might have been able to do this year — this would resonate with NBA fans, insiders, historians probably as much as anything LeBron James has done because of the fact that KD didn’t leave his team for a super-team to finally win a championship.

Of course Bron-Bron came back and delivered a chip to the great fans of Cleveland, but a lot of, albeit “haters,” will not forget James leaving in the first place. 

Durant has a chance to prove sticking with one team and not bailing does still exist. 

We shall find out very, very soon…