Kevin Durant to leave Warriors after one season? “There’s no commitment from Kevin”

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What a crazy turn of events this would be. Imagine if Kevin Durant — considered one of the top three players in the game for the past several years — were to leave the Golden State Warriors after just one season?

Never would happen, right?

Well, according to Warriors President and COO Rick Welts, this is exactly what could happen if the Warriors don’t win the NBA title next season.

via CBS Sports RadioTiki and Tierney

Nevertheless, it will be championship-or-bust for Golden State. Win or lose, it’ll be interesting to see what Durant does next offseason.

“There’s no commitment from Kevin,” Welts said. “He signed a one-year contract with a player option. So I think the hope and expectation is there’s a business reason for doing that more than there is a basketball reason for doing that. We’ve got to be a place that is as good as he thought it was when he selected the Warriors over the other options that he had. I think we’re going through a really interesting time in our league. We’re all trying to figure out what the new world is going to look like.”

This still seems hard to believe. What team in the NBA would be a better situation for KD than the Warriors? I guess maybe the San Antonio Spurs?

Durant is already been getting ripped in the media for being a frontrunner and hypocrite (He once tweeted he isn’t a frontrunner). So imagine the response from the NBA world if the dude decides to leave the Dubs after one season — especially if it’s for a team like the Spurs…

Hell, maybe Durant wants to win a championship and return to OKC next season when Russell Westbrook ditches town.

It’s the NBA, never say never…