DeMarcus Cousins plays running back for the Oakland Raiders and dominates!

Sacramento Kings star DeMarcus Cousins probably wouldn’t be playing too much running back if he were to play the sport of football. At 6’11, Boogie probably would be more suited to play tight end or maybe defensive end. But in the video game Madden 17, Cousins basically is the best running back to have ever played the game.

Playing with the Oakland Raiders — Cousins favorite NFL team — the dude made sure his number stayed with him (No. 15) and that running back would be the position he played and dominated. While the result wasn’t as exciting as the real-time Raiders vs Saints season opener, Boogie made sure Oakland won in a convincing 45-6 blowout.

Oh, and Cousins racked up 382 yards rushing to go with six touchdowns.