Are the Lakers copying Warriors backcourt model with potential Devin Booker trade?


Phoenix Suns second year guard Devin Booker was selected with the 13th pick in the loaded 2015 draft class. And despite not receiving too many headlines early in the season, the former Kentucky guard came on strong the last four months of the year. By March, the dude was dropping a consistent 18-22 points a night. Now, still a teenager, Booker has lofty expectations entering his sophomore year in the NBA. However, those expectations might not be fulfilled in Phoenix if the Los Angeles Lakers have their way.

Lakers first-year coach, Luke Walton, has been spoiled over the last couple of years with being able to watch the Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson show in Golden State. This would explain any rumor regarding paring Booker up with fellow 2015 rookie, D’Angelo Russell.

It should be noted that NBA rumors literally come out daily by the dozen, so it’s always wise to take most of these gossip articles with a grain of salt. But in this case, there might be a kernel of truth following Russell officially given the green light for jack-mode — an obvious correlation and reference can be made here to Steph Curry.

Is the next phase of the plan to add a dynamite backcourt guard to form an electric duo that could potentially be the building blocks to the next Lakers dynasty? Well, before Lakers Nation gets too excited, we should probably pump the brakes for a second because this would involve losing Brandon Ingram.

Via Ecumenical News:  (H/T The Inquisitr)

According to Ecumenical News, Los Angeles and Phoenix could be considering a trade that would send shooting guard Devin Booker to the Lakers. The Suns would receive rookie forward Brandon Ingram as compensation for shipping the 6-foot-6 Booker to Los Angeles.

This is a very tricky rumor to access because of the potential each player has and position they play. Booker could very well blossom into a top three shooting guard by the end of this season, whereas Ingram might need some time to put on weight while also competing for time against Luol Deng, Nick Young, Julius Randle and Larry Nance Jr. at the three/four positions.

Some analysts have projected that Ingram could turn into the next Kevin Durant. The flip side, however, is that you never know what the low-end of the projection can be — hopefully not a bust for the Laker’s sake. Booker, on the other hand, seems like he’s on the fast track to NBA stardom and would provide the Lakers with a backcourt that could flourish for the next 12-15 years. Plus this would also allow for the Lakers to bolster other areas with Jordan Clarkson, Lou Williams and the expiring contract of Jose Calderon available for a potential trade. Young and athletic forwards Randle and Nance are nice pieces up front that could become major contributors — and possibly an all-star in Randle’s case.

We can all come back to reality now.