Lakers player take dig at former coach’s rule – SHOCKING best teammate & defender revealed


It looks like the Los Angeles Lakers might be holding onto Nick Young after all. Or, they’re doing a really good hyping him up for a potential team to take a chance on him via a trade. However, before rookie coach Luke Walton could call Young by his new nickname, “Swaggy D” — as he is apparently the team’s best perimeter defender — Young received quite possibly an even bigger surprise statement…

I’m sure D’Angelo Russell would attest to this. But the revealing of the new positive vibes didn’t stop there. That’s because Young — who had a very up and down relationship with former coach Byron Scott — didn’t hesitate to rattle off a major difference in the offenses between both coaches that the players were forced to abide by.

The players clearly weren’t thrilled over the rule Scott implemented. And to be fair, Scott did start to adjust to the new era of basketball which promotes the three ball. However, the funny part in Swaggy P’s statement is that he actually attempted the second most amount of three-point shots in his career back in 2014-15 — Scott’s first year as coach. That year, Young averaged 5.4 three-point attempts per game, which was a tick below his career high the year before of 5.5.