Mason Plumlee grabs and holds onto DeAndre Jordan’s junk — Then gets mad when Jordan reacts


It didn’t take long for the Los Angeles Clippers to pick up where they left off. Well, at least in regards to being the NBA’s most confrontational team. The Clips have been an easy target for basketball fans and critics to go after over recent years because of players on the roster and even coach Doc Rivers being involved with drama — see Bill Simmons. Actually, lets not forget their former terrible owner, Donald Sterling, along with current, obnoxious owner, Steve Ballmer.

At any rate, Thursday night’s opening season tipoff for the Clippers featured confrontations, flagrant fouls, trash talking, Doc Rivers running around yelling, DeAndre Jordan and his junk being tested, and, of course, nearly blowing a 15 point lead with less than three minutes to go in regulation.

But who cares about all that. The best part of this game was the reaction a pissed off Mason Plumlee had following a hand-swipe by DeAndre Jordan early in the third quarter. Apparently, ol’ Plumlee felt that Jordan should have let him hold onto the part of his shorts that stores his junk for as long as he’d like after the two fell out of bounds together.