Anthony Davis fires back at trade rumors to Celtics


New Orleans Pelicans superstar Anthony Davis is one of the bright, young stars of the NBA. At 23 years-old, The Brow can do it all. If there was a knock on the former Kentucky champion, it would be his inability to stay healthy, as he’s yet to play at least 70 games in a season. But that still isn’t much of a factor in the NBA world as AD is considered not just a rising star, but arguably a top five player in the entire NBA.

So why the hell are their rumors of him being traded?

Apparently the Boston Celtics are rumored to be involved with making a trade to acquire any player not named Stephen Curry or LeBron James. And just last week, rumors started about the C’s keeping an eye on Davis. Naturally, this created ripples, but Davis has since fired back, saying all the rumors out there are white noise.

Via Yahoo Sports:

For anyone attempting to pry discontent out of Anthony Davis, the New Orleans Pelicans’ star has been unyielding. Losses piled up quickly this season because of an injury-depleted roster, and historic performances from one of the NBA’s best players weren’t enough. Around Davis, those inquiring about potential displeasure – even as far as a potential trade – are met by a strong-willed, loyal star committed to the franchise.

“My desire to win here is the same,” Davis told The Vertical. “I go out there and play. I don’t care what the record is. I just go out there and play. I have to lead this team and make sure my guys are always happy and high energy. I don’t care what people say about our team. They’re not in our locker room seeing us, not part of our group. That’s all white noise.

“I just try to control what I can: go out there and compete.”

For Davis, the mandate of resurrecting these Pelicans is something he’s embraced. So, the question was asked: Have aspirations to win in New Orleans wavered amid the poor results and injury disappointment?

“No, no, never,” Davis told The Vertical.

Davis also responded to the title of him being injury-prone.

“Injuries happen, and there’s nothing I can do about it,” Davis said. “I just wanted to get my body right to be able to play all 82 [games] this year and then play the postseason. I know how important it is to take care of my body and stay on the floor as much as possible.

“I know this team and what people say is noise. We just want to compete and get wins.”

It’s hard to believe this is even a story. Moreover, who the hell, or what type of package could the Celtics offer that would have the New Orleans brass even debating a trade involving Anthony Davis? A bunch of mid, first-round picks and young players that aren’t considered future stars aren’t going to be enough to net AD.

There just isn’t a logical situation where it makes sense to trade Davis – who just signed an extension, and can’t leave for several years. Davis isn’t the problem, the surrounding pieces and potentially the coaching staff is the problem.

Lets hope another young star doesn’t bolt for another team in, or before his prime. The NBA has seen enough of that over the years.