Carmelo Anthony’s wife (La La) flips out on official: “It’s personal. Always has” – Referee responds


Carmelo Anthony and the Boston Celtics just don’t mix.

When Melo first arrived in New York, the Knicks faced off against the Celtics and were promptly swept — despite Melo shredding the Celtics during the series. Then, a few years later, the Knicks nearly blew a 3-1 lead against the C’s — with Boston playing New York without their young star at the time, Rajon Rondo. And, of course, there was the infamous Kevin Garnett incident “allegedly” involving Anthony’s wife, La La.

This time, Melo’s Boston demise wouldn’t have anything to do with an opposing player. In fact, it was his officiating nemisis — at least according to wife, La La and teammate Derrick Rose. The official who apparently has it in for Melo, is Tony Brothers.

After a loose-ball foul called on Carmelo, the longest tenured Knicks star had some words for Brothers. This quickly led to a technical foul, and then another one, which subsequently led to Anthony’s automatic ejection. But there appears to be more to this story as La La would let us know via social media following the game.

Derrick Rose would also comment on the situation saying he was surprised of the quick ejection and the two have history.

Anthony started badgering Brothers. He picked up a quick technical foul and Brothers started to walk away. Anthony continued to stalk him and jabber as Rose tried to move him away. It didn’t work and Brothers motioned for a quick second T.

“By that time it was already too late,’’ Rose said. “It comes with learning each other. Now we get in a situation like that, I run over there and not just walk to see what it is. This is our first time experiencing something like this on the road.’’

“The second one was, I didn’t think it was coming at all,’’ Rose said. “I didn’t think he deserved it. He was still talking in a low voice. I didn’t get it. I guess they have history. He was tired of it or something. Next time I got to run over and defuse it right away.’’

Offical Tony Brothers responded to the allegations saying that he has no beef with Anthony and that he was booted for bad language.

Brothers, who said he doesn’t have a bad history with Anthony, said both technicals were called for “bad language.’’

“He dove on top of him,” Brothers said. “You can’t dive on top of a player to go after a ball.’’

Anthony wasn’t the only one hit with an ejection as teammate Brandon Jennings also had a short night. Even Kristaps Porzingis was hit with a technical foul. At 3-5, the Knicks aren’t performing to their expectations after bringing in Derrick Rose, Courtney Lee and Joakim Noah. Maybe this was frustration after yet another blowout loss.

At any rate, its hard to understand what Melo was flipping out about after watching the replay of the video. He clearly jumped on the back of Amir Johnson. You be judge: