Coach & Players in split with GM over DeMarcus Cousins trade


One of the best players in the entire NBA is Sacramento Kings big man, DeMarcus Cousins. However, Boogie is also known for being a major head case – quite possibly the biggest headache in the NBA, as George Karl would surely attest to. But regardless of what you think of Cousins, the dude is an immense talent. There is a reason every NBA team would be calling vice president/general manager Vlade Divac within minutes of an announcement involving Cousins being on the trading block.

The real question is whether Cousins is a cancer that would kill any chemistry and success a team was experiencing prior to landing the former Kentucky Wildcat star.

Which brings us to a team that has been linked to Cousins for the last few years now – in addition to being thirsty for a star player: The Boston Celtics.

And while the rumors with the Celtics involving any player isn’t anything new, the divide among the players/coaches and general manager Danny Ainge is – at least in regards to acquiring Boogie. In fact, according to Booth Newspapers, coach Brad Stevens wouldn’t “touch DeMarcus Cousins with a 10-foot pole.

“I don’t think Brad Stevens wants to touch DeMarcus Cousins with a 10-foot pole. And that carries a lot of weight there. Not only that, they just signed a center. And they think Al Horford is a center, and will play more center as pieces come and go in Boston. And so I don’t know what that does to Boston’s hunger to acquire a superstar big man who is going to be a locker room question mark.”

After some talk about Isaiah Thomas’ relationship with Cousins, a former teammate, Lowe concluded: “Right now I would lean Danny Ainge is a maybe, the Celtics overall are a no.”

But that’s not the only hiccup in a potential deal as the Celtics now value their role players much greater than they did just last year.

A year ago, six months ago, I would have said yes,” Lowe replied. “And what’s interesting to me — look, everyone knows the Celtics have the goods to make a real offer, although … maybe that Nets pick isn’t the golden ticket we thought it was going to be. We’ll see. I think the Nets will regress, long story short. So I think (Celtics president of basketball operations) Danny (Ainge) would gamble. I don’t think that is the majority view of the organization, including the coach.

If you’re Danny Ainge do you risk it?

At some point it’s time to cash in all these chips and go for it, Boston…