Dirk Nowitizki responds to Knicks’ Porzingis following stare-down


Dallas Mavericks long-time star Dirk Nowitzki is in his 19th NBA season and should pass 30,000 points by the end of the year. A large chunk of those 30,000 plus points Dirk will end up with for his career, have come from his patented one-legged, step-back fallaway jumper – a move many other stars have adopted. And one of those stars happen to be phenom and fascimile, Kristaps Porzingis.

Nowitzki hasn’t been shy for his admiration for the Knicks second-year 7’3 big man. Dirk even offered his services to KP over the summer if he ever wants to train with him. This is a match made in heaven as we’ve seen many players be compared to Dirk over the years, but Porzingis seems to be the closest thing to the sweet-shooting Nowitzki that the NBA world has seen. This comparison was summed up perfectly Monday night at Madison Square Garden when KP resorted to one of Dirk’s famous moves and gave the old veteran a nice stare down following the shot.

This led to a great response from Dirk and an ever better compliment.

Knicks fans are certainly hoping so as there isn’t much to root for these days…