LeBron James rejects WWE’s “The Undertaker” and not afraid to reveal why


Apparently WWE legendary wrestler, The Undertaker, didn’t get the memo when it comes to meeting Cleveland Cavaliers global superstar, LeBron James. What’s the memo you ask? Well, lets just say if you’re going to meet The King you better have an appointment, otherwise you will look quite awkward waiting around.

And that’s exactly what happened to The Undertaker at opening night at the Q when the wrestler surprisingly showed up to meet Bron-Bron, but was unexpectedly left hanging. The appearance of The Undertaker had spread through the locker room, but James had no interest in conversing with the WWE wrestler. Could James have felt that the WWE and The Undertaker were trying to get some free exposure off him? Apparently so.

Via Cleveland Plain Dealer

Hey, @Jnickerson33: I love this question. For a quick review, The Undertaker was stationed outside the locker room at The Q for an uncomfortable hour (give or take) on opening night, apparently to meet James (with cameras and cell phones rolling for the fine folks at WWE to capture the moment and spread the footage around the globe). The reason, besides the huge publicity it would generate for the WWE, was James wore a T-shirt from Homage with The Undertaker’s likeness on the front on practice day prior to Game 5 of the Finals.

James arrived at The Q before the wrestler and his posse, and claimed not to know he was out there. But of course the word immediately spread through the locker room that The Undertaker was waiting outside.

I’m sure the last thing on LeBron James’ mind on opening night was interrupting his busy pregame routine to go meet The Undertaker. Remember, James was getting ready for not just the opening night of basketball season, but also the ring ceremony — not to mention the Cleveland Indians were also playing later on.

In other words, James was probably in the zone and not going to be interrupted for anything outside of an emergency. Plus, we all know why The Undertaker showed up for the first game of the season. Why not meet LeBron any other time from last year’s Game 5 until now?

It was a solid try, WWE.