Kevin Durant gets brought into bashing fued between teammate and Jazz coach

Has Golden State Warriors emotional spark plug, Draymond Green, gone too far with his recent bashing of Utah Jazz respected coach, Quin Snyder? The young coach of the Jazz is well-respected around the Association, but apparently Green isn’t a fan of the Gregg Popovich protegé, as now he’s sucked teammate Kevin Durant into the fray.

However, KD doesn’t sound very convinced that Green’s comments are necessarily true about Snyder. One thing Durant is convinced on, however, is that coach Snyder might need to learn how to wave the white flag a little better.

Via Mercury News:

Kevin Durant got a late, unnecessary technical foul on Thursday night in Salt Lake City. He was seething after a hot-tempered back-and-forth with referee Monty McCutchen.

So Draymond Green walked over to Durant and, it seemed, calmed him with a joke. The two had a hearty laugh. The final nine seconds eventually ticked off. The Warriors won.

About 15 minutes later, Green emerged for his postgame presser. Durant had already called his technical ‘stupid.’ What did Green say to cool him down? Something about the overzealous officiating?

No. Something about Jazz coach Quin Snyder.

“We were laughing that Quin Snyder kept calling timeouts,” Green said. “Like, bro, you’re down 10 with six seconds left. It’s kind of over, my man. Let’s just go to the restaurant, have a good dinner and just chill.”

Then came KD’s reaction when told about Green’s reasoning for his motivation against coach Snyder, and lets just say, Durant, couldn’t keep a straight face when answering the question.

“A lot of teams want to give him that,” Durant said. “Last game, Coach Snyder said something like if he’s shooting it, they’ll win the game. I don’t know. I heard that. I don’t know if it’s true.”

Let me guess: You heard it from Draymond?

“Yeah, I heard it from Draymond,” Durant laughed sheepishly.