NBA coach continues controversy: “Steph Curry would be better all-around player if…”

Golden State Warriors star guard, Stephen Curry, is arguably the NBA’s best offensive player. By most basketball experts opinion, Steph is not just the best shooter in today’s game, but arguably the best shooter in NBA history. Oh, and the dude is a magician with the ball in his hands. And sure, Curry might have too many turnovers for a coach’s liking, but he also averages nearly 7 dimes a game – per career average.

However, in one former coach’s eyes, Curry has plenty or room for improvement. That’s right, the NBA’s two-time MVP could be a better all-around player if he essentially changed the way he played – according to lightening rod, George Karl.

This dude just can’t help himself. Karl is proving all the talking heads on television – who say he’s an ego-driven coach who needed the spotlight – correct. And, not to mention that Steph’s defense is probably what he would need to improve the most if you’re talking about Curry being a better all-around player. I guess shot selection could be tossed in there, but that’s what makes him great, so you live with the occasional bad attempt.

A family member or agent need to find George Karl and keep him away from a microphone, internet, cell-phone, and any publishing/content agency before he destroys any remaining shreds of credibility he has left.