Bulls brass tried to sabotage Jimmy Butler after third season for rejecting extension

For all the negative history the Chicago Bulls management has, they sure get passed over a lot when the basketball talking heads are discussing terrible franchises. From Michael Jordan, all the way down the line to currently Jimmy Butler – and that’s not including coaches Phil Jackson and Tom Thibodeau, the Bulls brass has been oddly terrible to their stars. If this was any other business in any other industry, I’m fairly certain there would have been a class-action lawsuit by now. At any rate, the latest head-scratching statement will have even the Knicks brass laughing at them.

Why? Well, for starters, the Bulls tried to lowball Jimmy Buckets into taking a crappy extension offer which he refused. Okay, so he rejects it and we move on, right? Not when you’re the Bulls! Instead, you threaten to sabotage your young future by telling him he will be replaced in the rotation by Tony Snell.

Via SB Nation:

And lo, right on cue, Ryen Russillo explains why Jimmy Butler mistrusts the Bull’s front office. Russillo said on ESPN Radio Tuesday that once Butler demurred on a lowball early extension offer after his third season, a member of the front office threatened to supplant Butler in the rotation with … Tony Snell. This allegedly infuriated Butler to the point where he still doesn’t trust the front office. Tom Thibodeau apparently stepped in, Butler thrived, and the Bulls locked him up with a max offer sheet in free agency that really didn’t allow him to leave.

This is definitely not a great look for the Bulls – who haven’t been looking that good lately. Pau Gasol couldn’t wait to jump ship, Derrick Rose has been traded and every high draft choice they have selected post-Jordan has ended up leaving the franchise on seemingly bad terms.

Christ, you know it’s bad when Rajon Rondo wants out.