ABOUT:  Basketball TalKK was created from the founder of Sports-Kings who has over five years of experience with sports blogging. Getting traffic can be difficult. If spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on an SEO company or advertising is your thing, then that’s cool too, but we offer an alternative route: Social Media Traffic

On the home page of Basketball TalKK (, you can see on the right hand side the plethora of large basketball FB pages we offer to our accepted partners. And this is just the start. Additional large Facebook pages and Twitter handles will be continuously added as we grow. All of which allows our partners to continue to grow by having a perpetual cycle of outlets added for their basketball articles to be seen.

HOW IT WORKS:  Every website/network that is accepted will have TWO daily basketball articles posted to EVERY outlet that is seen on the home page under “Basketball Traffic Outlets.” Every current and additional outlet that we have will always be posted under the aforementioned basketball traffic outlet text on the home page. When a new outlet is added, every website will be notified of the new traffic source that their work will be seen on.

This is done through posting your article link, picture and title to the Basketball TalKK home page (NO CONTENT). This is then automatically posted to ALL of our social media traffic outlets. We have additional Facebook accounts that will post content but isn’t currently seen because it’s an account and not a page. Just another added incentive we offer so that our partners get the most traffic for their articles. Additional training will be offered initially to get increasing views after signing up with our network.

Wait, there’s more…

Not to sound like a crappy 2:30 A.M. infomercial, but we will offer additional services for networks who want to use the promoted Facebook Fan Page reach. This is great for any network that has CPM deals –  video included – in which you’re looking for page views or getting a very nice piece of a pre-roll advertisement. This will cost more as we will require our partners to pay for the FB reach of their choice (FB offers different options). For this added feature, we will charge an additional percentage to be determined by both parties – as the amount of advertising varies from network to network.

COST TO JOIN & ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  (Initial startup pricing)

  • 30 days/60 article posts – $200

– A free trial of two posts is granted for first-time network members –

*Note that AFTER the first 30 day payment agreement, a new, private deal will be constructed between Basketball TalKK and the affiliation partnered website. Factors that include the new pricing deals will include:

  • Additional outlets added (Via the Network)
  • Providing outlet(s) – (Via the partnering website & size of outlet)
  • Package size – TBD based off model pricing of: Basic/Plus/Premium (# of Posts & Access to Outlets)
  • Discretion of two parties making the deal